Yellowstone Avenue

Holiday Inn On Yellowstone Ave.

West Yellowstone Police

Turn North Off Yellowstone Avenue

Madison Avenue

North Canyon Street (Highway 191)

Madison & North Canyon Street

Entering West Yellowstone

Welcome to the West Yellowstone, Montana Picture Tour

There is nothing better than a visit to Yellowstone National Park in the winter.  A popular gateway to the park is West Yellowstone, Montana.  There is so much to see in this area, we broke the West Yellowstone Picture Tour into two parts.

PART ONE – (Above) Walk from the Rendezvous Cross Country Ski Area on the west end of Yellowstone Avenue. Then we turn left on North Canyon Street (Highway 191) and continue walking to the outskirts of West Yellowstone.  While in town we will see the Holiday Lights that make West Yellowstone such a wonderful town to visit in December.

PART TWO –  After you explore the town of West Yellowstone, see some of the incredible views just north of town.