Welcome to the Glendive, Montana Picture Tour

Over the years we have been fortunate to meet quite a few people from Glendive, Montana. They all had one thing in common, they we’re all really friendly. We’re going to Glendive to investigate why.

Blast from the Past

The minute we jumped off Interstate 94 via the Glendive exit we started to smile. Everywhere we looked we found examples of local people using imagination and elbow grease to make their town a better place to live. The gas station (above) is not operational but we still had to stop and reminisce.

For you kids out there, this is what a Montana gas station looked like in the 1960’s.  Your grandfather would pull up next to the pumps and say to the gas station attendant, “Regular please.” (The red pump on the left)  While the gas was pumping, the attendant would clean the windshield, update you on the weather and check the oil.  If you were in first grade and your grandfather knew the owner, you also got a free Hershey chocolate bar.  I wonder if someday, people will look back with nostalgia on the self-serve gas stations of today?

Does anyone else out there still have the free “Charlie M. Russell” print you received after filling up at a Union 76?

Welcome To Glendive, Montana

City Hall On Merrill Avenue

Merrill Avenue & West Bell Street

The Glendive RR Depot

Glendive Post Office

Dawson County HS Gym

Dawson County HS Field

Part Of The Dawson CC Campus

Part Of The Dawson CC Campus

Babe Ruth Field In Whipkey Park

Downtown Glendive, Montana Picture Tour

Let’s take a walk down Glendive’s Merrill Avenue. We’ll start on the south end near City Hall, then walk to the famous Glendive train depot. Can you see the lady looking out the glass door in the City Hall building?  If you see us in your town shooting pictures, come on over and say, “Hello!”  If it’s early morning or late in the day, we may appear a little “rushed,” as we attempt to photograph your town when it looks its very best.  If it’s after 10 A.M. we have six hours to visit, until the “picture shooting” sunlight returns.

 Glendive’s Meade Avenue Picture Tour

Thanks to the railroad and it’s strategic location, Glendive has a wealth of beautiful turn of the century homes. Above is the home of Rancher and Banker Charles Krug, located near the Bell Street bridge. Remember the 1946 movie “It’s a Wonderful Life?”  You can read about Charles Krug, a real life Glendive version of the movie in the picture gallery below.

Let’s take a walk down Glendive’s Meade Avenue.  As you can see, Glendive’s Meade Avenue is “Block” after “Block” of vibrant and well-maintained homes. The type of homes you want to sit on the front porch and sip lemonade after work. At the intersection of Meade Avenue and West Borden Street is the Washington Middle School. The building is a real treat to look at. Look at the wonderfully ornate terra-cotta on the second level (Below).