Highway 56 to Troy, Montana

Cabinet Mountains on the Right

Kootenai National Forest Headquarters

Walk down Missoula Avenue in Troy, Montana

Troy, Montana

Troy, Montana High School

Troy, Montana Police Station

W.F. Morrison Elementary

Gambles Hardware

Welcome to the Troy, Montana Picture Tour

Join us, as we walk along Missoula Avenue and the side streets in Troy, Montana.  Troy, Montana is a fantastic place for a picnic lunch on the banks of the Kootenai River.  So why is the main road in Troy, Montana called Missoula Aveneue?  This pretty little town owes it’s origins to mining and the Great Northern Railroad (GNR).  The Missoula Mine Claim & Troy Mine Claims were filed in 1891 near the heart of present day downtown Troy by a GNR Engineer.

The town of Troy, Montana was established in 1892, after the arrival the Great Northern Pacific railroad.  Greenough Park in Missoula, Montana is named after Leo Greenough, who began his fortunes by forming the “Snow Storm Consolidated Mines” located near Callahan Creek. Speaking of parks, be sure to visit Troy’s (Theodore) Roosevelt Park on the Kootenai River. Roosevelt Park is an incredible location for venues like the annual “Old Fashion Fourth of July.

If you forgot to “top off” your gas tank in Libby, Montana. Troy, Montana is your last chance for gasoline. Troy is 23 miles west of Libby and 40 miles south Yaak, Montana.  Like everywhere in Montana, you can’t get a really appreciation of the country side unless you do some walking.  Troy has a great 2.8 mile long trail along Callahan Creek. If you are short on time, you can also ride up road #287.  Along the trail you will see the remains of the Mining (1884-1930) and Logging (1920-1929) boom.

Please leave all the historical buildings and objects as you found them, so the next generation can “discover” them.

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