Prairie County Museum

Prairie County Museum and Evelyn Cameron Gallery

Terry High School

Bolin Elementary School

Prairie County Courthouse on Park Street

Spring Street

McDonald Avenue

Part Two: Explore downtown Terry, Montana  

Join us as we walk down Park & Spring Street in Terry, Montana. It’s a great way to cool off during a hot July day.  We recommend riding into Terry, Montana from the west on the old Highway 10.  You’ll see lots of history, some incredible views and maybe bust an occasional smile.  Most Terry, Montana visitors jump off Interstate 94 on the east side of town. No problem, explore the town but be sure to ride west to the Powder River Bridge on old US Highway 10 – you will be glad you did.

Way to go Terry, Montana!  The old Terry High School is one of the best preserved 1920’s era brick school buildings in the state. To be fair, the Deer Lodge High School, the Troy & Alberton High Schools and the Glendive’s Washington Middle School are all great 1920’s era brick school buildings.  The reddish-brown brick building to the east of the old Terry High School is the Grandey Middle School. The new building on the end is the new Terry High School.

Be sure to go to the Prairie County Museum on Logan Avenue.  Next door to the museum, you can see the Evelyn Cameron Gallery.  Evelyn Cameron’s wonderful photographs gives you an intimate look at life in Eastern Montana during the 1880’s.

What do you say we ride east on Spring Street then head north on “The Big Sky Byway” (State Road 253) through the “Terry Badlands” to the town of Brockway, Montana?