Vista Trail Overlook

Mineral County Court House

Westside Of River Street

River Street

West Side Of River Street

Superior School (1916-1995)

Memorial Bridge

Westside Field

Superior High School

Fourth Avenue East

Welcome to the Superior, Montana Town Picture Tour

As you ride down the Clark Fork River Valley you would assume the little Montana towns you see along Interstate 90 all owe their origins to the building of the railroad and to the harvesting of lumber. You would be half right.  Some of the towns like Superior, Montana, owe it’s establishment as a town, to the discovery of gold.

Hidden In The Trees

15,000 to 17,000 years ago the Clark Fork Valley was submerged behind a massive ice dam forming  Glacial Lake Missoula. Once the dam collapsed the receding water had exposed minerals that were buried deep in the valley mountains.  It was the discovery of gold on Ceder Creek in October 9, 1869 that helped Superior get it’s start.  Once the gold boom faded in 1873, the tiny community of Superior continued to grow thanks to the huge demand for timber.

Superior, Montana Landmarks

Some of the Superior landmarks you can see from your vehicle. Such as the magnificent Superior School, built in 1916.  The equally impressive, Mineral County Court House, completed in 1920.  To really see the area, you need to be prepared ride the secondary roads or walk to the fascinating historical locations scattered all over the Superior, Montana Area.  The Mineral County Historical Society has a valuable guide to the locations that are hidden away in the mountains.

Well Done Superior, Montana!

The 1.3 mile long “Vista Trail” is a fantastic hike to burn off some calories, learn some history and get a birds’ eye view of the town of Superior and the beautiful scenery along the Clark Fork River. Below are the signs you will encounter on your walk.

Inspiration For Writers

If someone experiencing “writers block” and needed inspiration for their next mystery set in Montana all they have to do is visit the cemetery in Superior, Montana.  There they will find a century of stories, some tragic, some inspiring in the grave registry.  In the picture gallery below we included pictures of some of the headstones and part of the grave registry.  Reading the registry, it illustrates just how resilient the first Superior, Montana residents had to be to survive.