Silver Gate, Montana Picture Tour

Silver Pines Lodge

Welcome to the Silver Gate, Montana Picture Tour

Most of the Silver Gate businesses are closed for the season. To us they still look good in the snow…

Silver Gate, Montana (Elevation 7,388 feet) is located just one mile outside the North East Entrance to Yellowstone National Park. You can find lodging, a General Store and a fantastic Kiosk full of information on the surrounding area.  We included pictures of the information gold mine in case you don’t have time to stop and visit the Kiosk yourself.  P.S. If you are running behind schedule don’t be tempted to speed down the road.  The Northeast Entrance Road/ Highway 212 is famous for wildlife and distracted tourists appearing in the roadway from out of no where.

A panorama of the “Range Riders Lodge.” Can you see the dead trees on the mountains above the lodge?  That is the remains of the “Storm Creek Fire” of August 20, 1988. The largest wildfire in the recorded history of Yellowstone National Park.  The fire forced the evacuation of the area on September 6, 1988.