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Yellowstone River

Reed Point, Montana

Division Street

Hotel Montana (Closed)

Reed Point Elementary School

William Thomas Grave (1866)

Welcome to the Reed Point, Montana Picture Tour

In June 2004, we made a special stop in Reed Point, Montana to explore a town we never had time to really investigate. Because the visit to Reed Point was in June the town and surrounding country side looked spectacular.  We spent a half the day scouting the area and promised ourselves we would return with the cameras in the future.

Time passed.  We floated past Reed Point a couple times or flew by the town on Interstate 90 in a big hurry to get home to Helena.   It wasn’t until September, 2017 we managed to return to this pretty little town on the Yellowstone River.  In this tour we will explore the town landmarks then continue the tour by visiting a favorite pioneer grave site west of town and the four nearby Yellowstone River fishing access sites.

Reed Point is great place to decompress and enjoy Montana after driving hundreds of miles on Interstate 90.  You have easy access to gas and food or a RV Hookup in town, followed by a peaceful visit to the Yellowstone River.  After you visit the river ride along the frontage road to slowly adjust once again to the fast paced modern world.

The Pioneer Grave west of Reed Point Fascinated us as Kids

Prior to the completion of Interstate 90, the old William Thomas grave site (1866) was a peaceful rest stop for little kids on the long drive from Missoula to Billings.  The grave is the site of the very first Montanan’s caught trespassing while fishing.  Times have changed, penalties are not as harsh nowadays but the site remains a grim reminder to respect private property rights while on the river. We included six pictures of the grave site to help you visualize what the area must of looked like in 1866.  A big thank you goes out to the Montana Highway Department for making sure this piece of Montana history is being preserved for future generations.

Pelican Fishing Access

Bratten Fishing Access

Bratten Upstream View

Indian Fort Fishing Access

Wish We Knew About Indian Fort During The Float

See the Yellowstone River Fishing Access Sites

When we first floated the Yellowstone from Emigrant to Columbus, Montana,  we didn’t know what we would find for camping sites along the river. We are including panoramas of the Yellowstone River Fishing Access Sites near Reed Point in the hope it will be useful information for Yellowstone Floaters in the future.