Lower Two Medicine Lake

Upper Two Medicine Lake

Upper Two Medicine Lake Storm

Two Medicine Lake General Store

Two Medicine in December

A short ten miles north of East Glacier is the often overlooked Two Medicine Lake.  That’s Sinopah Mountain (elevation 8, 271 feet) on the left. An incredibly easy Two Medicine Lake hike is the boat ride to the end of the lake followed by a leisurely walk back along the north shore of the lake to the Two Medicine “General Store” and your transportation.

An slightly more “adventurous” day hike, is to walk up Dry Fork Creek to Oldman Lake and Pitamaken Pass. Turn south to Dawson Pass then walk down to Two Medicine Lake. If you time, you can catch the passenger boat for a peaceful ride back to the Two Medicine “General Store.” Be sure to ask about “Grasshopper Glacier” before you being your walk.

If you are curious what tourists experienced a hundred years ago, hike the old horse horse trail from the East Glacier Lodge to Two Medicine Lake.  The views of the plains to the east, from the high windy ridges make you feel like you are the very first visitor to the park.

Got energy you need to burn? Can you see “Rising Wolf Mountain” on the far right? “Rising Wolf ” is the tallest peak in the Two Medicine area (elevation 9,513 feet). It’s a long eleven hour, 10 kilometer hike to the summit. The elevation gain is a     “leg burning” 4,500 feet.