Welcome to the Basin, Montana Picture Tour

The town of Basin, Montana is small but the history and surrounding scenery is BIG!

There is so much history this tour needs to divided into two parts.  The first half of the page features a peaceful Winter Picture Tour of downtown Basin, Montana. Followed by a June hike up to the Jack Mountain Lookout.  We regret to report the Forest Service Fire Lookout was removed for safety reasons in 2011.  You should still plan to hike to the former location of the Jack Mountain Lookout. The hike will reward you with incredible views, old log cabins and relics from Basin, Montana’s mining history.

Deer Creek Bridge

Mining Camp

Mine Settling Pond

Turn South

Just Below The Lookout

Jack Mountain Lookout

So Long Jack Mountain Fire Lookout

When it comes to Fire Lookouts, you snooze you lose.  To reduce liability costs many Montana Fire Lookouts in the National Forests are being razed. The Jack Mountain Lookout is no exception.  The 53-foot tall tower was built in 1965 and was torn down in 2011. We feel fortunate we got to spend a night near the Fire Lookout.  So long old Timer.