"7 Mile Road" To Zortman, Montana

Bear Gulch Road to Zortman, Montana

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Zortman, Montana

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Zortman Cemetery

Welcome to the Zortman, Montana picture tour.

There are two roads to Zortman, Montana. Turn north off Highway 191 onto “Bear Gulch Road,” if you like pavement.  Turn north off Highway 191 onto “7 Mile Road,” if you like mud and gravel.

No visit to Zortman, Montana is compete without a hike up to the historic St. Joseph Catholic Church.  Next, ride east of Zortman, Montana is the town cemetery. It’s worth the walk up the hillside to visit the grave of town’s name sake, Pete Zortman.  Please don’t be alarmed by the pictures of the Zortman Cemetery. You would be surprised at the number of requests we receive to see specific Montana cemeteries. Click here to see the entrance to 48 Montana cemeteries.

Click here to see the entrance to 48 Montana cemeteries.


Ore Street in Landusky, Montana

Landusky Elementary School (Closed 2010)

Welcome to the Landusky, Montana picture Tour.

Landusky has a population of about 40 people in the summer.  The two large buildings on the north side of Ore Street are the Landusky Elementary  School (Closed in 2010) and the Landusky school gymnasium that is also used as a church meeting area on Sundays.