Yaak Falls near Highway 567

Yaak River

Yaak Valley

Favorite Yaak Barn

South Fork Yaak Road Bridge

Yaak, Montana

Sylvanite School on Yaak River Road

Welcome to the Yaak, Montana Picture Tour

We started the “Ride to Yaak, Montana Tour” after we heard NPR played the short story, “Fires” by Yaak, Montana resident, Rick Bass.  The countryside around Yaak is not what you would expect to find in Western, Montana. According to Rick Bass: “Every bend in the road would bring something different. It would remind you very much of New England, real soft, low hills. Again, being at such low elevation, there’s not a lot of scenic vistas. It’s foggy, rainy country.”*

So, how did Yaak, Montana get it’s name? According to Rick Bass: (The word “Yaak”) “is a Kootenai Indian word. It means arrow. The Yaak (river) comes so straight down out of the mountains that it’s in the shape of an arrow, and it intersects the curve of the Kootenai River, which is shaped like a bow.”*

* Rick Bass “The Roadles Yaak: Reflections and Observations About One of Our Last Great Wild Places.”

What to see more of NW Montana?  We are working on posting tours of the following NW Montana towns: Eureka, Rexford, Troy, Libby, Heron, Noxon, Trout Creek, Thompson Falls, Plains, Paradise, St. Regis and Superior, Montana.  Of course we stop to see gigantic panoramas of the Lake Koocanusa, the Ross Creek Ceders, Bull Lake, the Cabinet Mountains, Kootenai Falls and the views from the Eddy Mountain Lookout.



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