Bring your Horse?

Wise River Ranger Station

Wise River Mercantile

Wise River, Montana

Jerry Creek Bridge FAS

Jerry Creek Bridge - March

Jerry Creek Bridge - June

Favorite Cabin near Wise River

Dickie Bridge

East Bank FAS

View From Highway 43

Welcome to the Wise River, Montana Picture Tour in the heart of the Big Hole River Valley.

Wise River is the next town in our exploration of the spectacular Big Hole Valley.  We started in the Humbug Spires, then moved west to the town of Divide and the famous Big Hole fishing destination, Divide Dam.  Now we”ll continue west on Highway 43 to the towns of Dewey, Wise River, Wisdom and Jackson, Montana.

So what do you do if you don’t fish or have a raft to float the Big Hole River?  You are in luck, Wise River, Montana is on the north end of the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway. The paved, 49 mile long road follows the Wise River to its source, and then follows Grasshopper Creek down to the Maverick Mountain Ski Area, the tiny town of Polaris, Montana and historic Bannack, Montana.

Head West

If you have the time, continue west on Highway 43 to Wisdom, Montana and farther still to the  Big Hole National Battlefield.   Need to stay in the area?  Then drive west on Highway 43 to State Road 569 to Anaconda, Montana.  We guarantee you will see some spectacular scenery, historic old log buildings and maybe a Moose, near the Mount Haggin Wildlife Management Area.