Welcome to the Windham, Montana Picture Tour

We apologize Windham, Montana.  We are still looking for the June and September pictures of your town.  The panorama above is one of the June pictures that somehow got separated from the collection. We hope it reflects how much we like this former stomping ground of Artist Charlie Russell.

Windham is the beginning of the “Bale Trail”

We first discovered Windham, Montana when we made our first visit to the annual “What the Hay Contest.”  You see, Windham is the landmark you look for to alert you to turn south off Highway 87 onto State Road 541 to Utica, Montana.  Most years they post a colorful statue made of hay, like the one pictured below, to help catch you attention.

The ‘What the Hay’ contest takes place on the Montana Bale Trail every September. The Bale Trail, a 21-mile stretch of road from Windham to Utica to Hobson, Montana features over 50 hay-bale sculptures made by locals and folks from around the region.  Proceeds from these events provide scholarships for Hobson High School students and sponsor community activities such as wedding showers, funeral dinners, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and a long-standing cribbage tournament.

You have to see the incredible Sculpted Hay Bales

We have included a link to the Montana Bail Trail website so you can see the incredible sculpted hay bales from past contests. Below you can see some of our ‘What the Hay’ pictures we collected over the years.

What The Hay Contest

Hay Jude

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