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Wave Goodbye To Bozeman

Highway 86 View

Bridger Bowl Ski Area

Battle Ridge C.G. (6,500 feet)

Bridger Mountains (9,596 ft)

Welcome to the Wilsall and Sedan, Montana Picture Tour

Most Bozeman visitors only ride up Highway 86 as far as the famous Bridger Bowl Ski Area.  In this tour we show you what you will see when you continue north to the tiny community of Sedan Montana.  Once you reach Sedan the road turn east towards Highway 191 and Wilsall, Montana. During the journey you will realize that Livingston, Montana area does not have an monopoly on beautiful Montana scenery.  The views of the Bridger Mountains and the Shields Valley are worth visiting during the month of June through September.

Sedan, Montana

Sedan is a unique ranching community of approximately 70 year round residents located east of Bozeman at the base of the beautiful Bridger Mountains.  At one time, Sedan was predominately a dairy community with its own Cheese Factory.   While in Sedan, look west for a notch in the Bridger Mountains. That’s Flathead Pass, used for centuries by Flathead Indians and others to break through the rugged Bridger Mountains to hunt on the west side of the mountains.  “Thus the names of Flathead Pass and Flathead Creek.

Wilsall, Montana

Downtown Wilsall

Wilsall, Montana

There are two rodeo events you have to see when you are in Montana. Don’t worry, there is a month or more between events. Plenty of time to recuperate from the sun and the fun. The first event is the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale in May and the Wilsall Ranch Rodeo in June.  The Miles City event is a fantastic community get together that is getting harder to find in today’s fast paced world.  The Wilsall Ranch Rodeo features incredible scenery (see panorama above) and authentic rodeo provided by working area ranchers. Expect sun, dust and getting your boots dirty.

The town of Wilsall is also the landmark you look for when you are looking for the turn-off from Highway 191 to the west side of the Crazy Mountains.  We’ll get that tour posted eventually.  In the meantime, here is the Crazy Mountain Picture Tour from the east side of the mountains.

Ride from Bozeman to the communities of Sedan and Wilsall, Montana