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Willow Creek Reservoir

Welcome to the Willow Creek Reservoir In Montana Tour

To really see and feel the Rocky Mountain Front outside of August, Montana you need to spend a couple nights camped in a remote campground at the foot of the mountains. One of our favorite campgrounds is the Willow Creek Reservoir west of Augusta, Montana.   The campground location is close enough to Augusta that first time campers will feel “safe” from Big Foot or space ships.  Fortunately, the campground is far enough from urban noise and light that you feel like you are the first to camp at that location in the last hundred years.

When to go to Willow Creek Reservoir?

The month of June is the perfect time. No bugs, few people and the hills are a lush green. You might be hit by a storm or two but we guarantee you will be amazed at the violent winds and thunder.  Thunderstorms are one of the BEST light shows in Montana.  Just be sure you are watching the storm from a safe location.

Bring a Camp stove to Willow Creek Reservoir

Like 99% of all Montana camping, you need a to bring a camp stove so you heat up your meals and hot drinks quickly and turn off the flame as fast as you can.  What is the rush you ask?  Look up at the night sky, above you is the other spectacular light show in Montana. You will loose count of the number of shooting stars and satellites you will see flying overhead.  Hearing the Sand Hill Cranes, the honking Geese, diving Night Hawks and the occasional coyote make the best background music. In forty years of back country camping it has always amazed us that people will hike to an incredible landscape then spend the entire evening staring at a smokey, high maintenance campfire.  They are so missing out.

Enjoy the Montana Light Shows

The real pay off of camping at the Willow Creek Reservoir is the rising sun in the morning. You can watch the Rocky Mountains change colors from a blue, to a pink, to a yellow as the sun slowly climbs into the sky. If you would like to see an example of the changing mountain colors see the picture gallery of sun rise at Chief Mountain in Glacier Park.

Once the sun is up, breakfast over and the gear is packed away you can use the Willow Creek Reservoir campground as a jumping off point into the Rocky Mountain Front.

What can we see at Willow Creek Reservoir?

If you are from the area you know where to go.  You are on the website because your homesick and want to see pictures of home. If you are new to the area we would like to show you pictures of the Rocky Mountain Front that might look like great places to visit.