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Walking around Wibaux, Montana on MontanaPictures.Net  (Page five of nine)

    62707 Wibaux High School home of the "Wibaux Longhorns."       121 North F St. Wibaux, MT  59353
      62707 Wibaux Elementary School. 
      There is a great community pool nearby.  If this walking group smells water we could see a "stampede" for the pool.
      Luckily, from the school you can see the statue of Pierre Wibaux.  Let's move away from the water and walk up to the statue.
   62607 Click here to see a close-up of Pierre Wibaux (1858-1918).
                       Click here for a "wallet-size" picture of the Pierre Wibaux statue.
                                Pierre Wibaux has a GREAT view of the sunsets from this vantage point.
               Click here for Pierre Wibaux's view to the east.     Here is a close up of  Wibaux Water Tower & the red barn.     (Be sure to enlarge the 907KB panorama.)
                       Click here for Pierre Wibaux's view to the east among the purple cone flowers Echinacea angustifolia         (Be sure to enlarge the 1,390KB panorama.)
                               Click here for Pierre Wibaux's view to the south.                                                                                  (Be sure to enlarge the 815KB panorama.)
                                        The panoramas illustrate that this ain't no "flat land."  It's a wonderful land.
Walking around Wibaux, Montana (Page five of nine)

Let's walk back towards the Pierre Wibaux Museum.  Only one more block to go!

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