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Walking around Wibaux, Montana on MontanaPictures.Net  (Page one of nine)

Picture of a red dirt road to Wibaux Montana.
      62707 Wibaux, Montana             Congratulations!  You just crossed the Montana state line. 
      Let's pull off Interstate 94 and drive into Wibaux, Montana to begin the "Decompression Process."
      Gather all your electric "Doodads" and throw them into the trunk of your car.  We like to place our
      cell phone and "GPS" under the right rear truck tire but that might be a little drastic.
      For the kids riding along, please turn off the DVD and pull out the "ear plugs."  You'll need to
      pay attention so you can hear the sunset or listen to the meadowlark.  (WMV file size 2.63MB)
      At night, there are a couple hundred "shooting stars" that need to be counted.
      To really see Montana we need to "step away from the vehicle."  Let's begin gradually by walking
      three blocks around Wibaux.  As we build our endurance we will increase the distance.
      Soon you'll be hiking Makoshika State Park and climbing the mountains around Red Lodge , Livingston, or St Ignatius, Montana.
      (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)
Walking around Wibaux, Montana (Page one of nine)

Walk up "Wibaux Street" in Wibaux, Montana

Drive farther west and "Decompress" in  Glendive, Montana & Makoshika State Park
Drive north to Sidney, Montana
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