Welcome To Wibaux, Montana

Wibaux Post Office

North Wibaux Street & 1st Avenue SW

North Wibaux Street

North Wibaux Street & Orgain Avenue

The Pierre Wibaux Museum

Wibaux County Fairgrounds

It's Five O'clock. Let's Play Ball

June Sunset

The View South

Wibaux Fish Pond

Welcome to the Wibaux, Montana Picture Tour

We feel very fortunate when we first turned off Interstate 94 and rolled into the town of Wibuax, Montana during the month of June.  The rolling hills were a lush green dotted with purple cone flowers (picture below). As the setting sun bounced off the sky line of the town of Wibaux it looked a peaceful scene from a movie.  The view was made even better as Meadowlarks and Crows sang in the background. Walking trough the Wibaux Commercial Historic District the next morning we were greeted by friendly people and beautiful historic brick buildings.  I had to avoid running into sign posts as I gawked at the ornamental detail above the doorways on some of the buildings.

The Pierre Wibaux Museum

At the intersection of North Wibaux Street and Orgain Avenue, I turned east to see a beautifully preserved “snapshot” of Montana history, the Pierre Wibaux Museum.  Sitting in the cool shade of the tall Cottonwood trees next to the Wibaux Home it felt like I was on a Montana Ranch from the 1890’s.  I could have easily spent the day exploring the museum grounds but there were more Wibaux landmarks that I had to get on film before I lost the morning sunlight.

Pierre Wibaux would be Proud

Below is a panorama of the Pierre Wibaux monument located west of Wibaux. Walking around the town of Wibaux during the month of June you can really understand why he loved this land.

We need to ride to the next Montana town in the morning.  Before we call it a day, let’s walk around the neighborhoods of Wibaux, Montana and enjoy the June sunset for just a little bit longer.