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The Whitetail Grain Elevator

Whitetail Creek

Welcome to the Whitetail, Montana Picture Tour

If you are lucky, when you ride into Whitetail, Montana during the month of June you might catch the bird “concert” on Whitetail Creek.   In case you missed the signing birds we included a video of the highlights of the Whitetail “concert” at the bottom of the page.

Whitetail History

Whitetail, Montana is a small, unincorporated village in northern Daniels County,  The area was first used as a camp along a cattle-driving route in the 1880s. The town grew with the arrival of the Soo Line Railroad in 1914. The line was planned for extension all the way to Glacier National Park, but work was stopped during World War I and the line never went any farther than Whitetail. At its peak the town had more than 500 residents, declining to 248 in 1940 and 125 in 1970. The town’s chief industry was the manufacture of silo blowers from 1940, but the plant closed, followed by Whitetail High School (picture below) in 1940 and the grade school in 1973.*   Baker, Don (1997). Ghost Towns of the Montana Prairie. Golden, Colorado: Fred Pruett Books. pp. 81–82. ISBN 0-87108-050-8.

What’s a Silo Blower?

Filling a silo Tower is typically performed with a  Silo Blower which is a very large fan with paddle-shaped blades. The fan blows the train or silage up to the top of the silo.  It’s noisy, dangerous work.  We included a picture of a Silo Blower in the Gallery below.  You can see a video of a Silo Blower in action here.