Welcome to the War Horse National Wildlife Refuge Picture Tour

The War Horse National Wildlife Refuge is one of four refuges spread throughout south-central Montana that is managed as part of the Charles M. Russell Complex. What makes this area unique is a 225 acre stand of Ponderosa pine where you least expect it.

There is an aerial picture of the War Horse NWR that illustrates perfectly how unique this area is.  War Horse is over twenty five miles from Grass Range, Montana and the tree covered Judith Mountains.  But because of an acidic Shale soil Ponderosa Pine mange to grow way out here in Central Montana.

Originally, we planned to just scout the area and possibly return at another date. Once we arrived in the area we realized we had stumbled across another Montana jewel. This place is incredible!   We took photographs knowing they would be mediocre because the pictures were shot in the middle of the day.  We just couldn’t leave the area with making an attempt to get this beautiful country on film.

We will make it a point to return during the month of June to capture some images that highlight the natural beauty of this area.  If you would like to be notified when the new War Horse NWR pictures have been posted just send us a Request.


Head east from Grass Range on Highway 200 for 11 miles to the old town of Teigen.  Turn north on the Blakeslee Road.  Go 6.5 miles north until you see the lake, passing the NWR sign (at 5.5 miles).  At the cement bridge, turn east on the dirt trail to the lake.