Wait Until You See Libby, Montana

See all of the Libby,  Montana panoramas on the MontanaPictures.Net webpage: Libby,  Montana Picture Tour.

You made it to Libby, Montana.  Well done!  With a population of just over 5,400 people you reached the largest town in the extreme Northwest corner of Montana, this is your last chance for supplies before you head off into the hills.

Forgot your sleeping bag?  Libby Sports Center

Need Bicycle Repair? Bad Medicine Bike Shop

Need Live Music?  Riverfront Blues Festival 

Hit a deer?   Gene’s Body Shop

Hungry?    Rositas Mexican Restaurant

What is the history of Libby, Montana and the surrounding area?  The Libby Heritage Museum

Here is a favorite view of the popular “eagles” in Libby, Montana.  All the sculptures were made by the “Custom Iron Eagle Company” in Libby, Montana.  The “Gateway Eagle” (above) stands at the intersection of California Avenue & U.S. Highway 2. Turn northeast off U.S. Highway 2 onto California Avenue (a.k.a. Highway 37) to see Lake KoocanusaRexburg,  Eureka and Roosville, Montana.

The “Suspension Bridge” over the Kootenai River west of Libby, Montana. It’s always a good idea to allow plenty of time to explore Montana. Kootenai Falls is a great example.  We fell way behind schedule because we were “lollygagging” all day at the Kootenia Falls.

Can't find your favorite Libby, Montana location?