Welcome to the Visit Jordan, Montana Picture Tour

See and hear the landscape of Eastern Montana near Jordan.  Below is The Hell Creek Road north of Jordan, Montana.  Go ahead and sit down on the hill as we watch on coming vehicles appear from the horizon and fly by in a cloud of dust. The ancient sea bed create memorable long plumes of fine dust that resemble the tail of a “Comet.” The four minute video is an opportunity to relax and experience Eastern Montana.

Part Two: Explore downtown Jordan, Montana

Because the landscape of Eastern Montana is so vast, we divided the Visit Jordan, Montana Picture Tour into two webpages.  On this page we will focus on the sights and sounds of the landscape around Jordan.  One the second page we feature all the landmarks found along Main Street in Jordan, Montana.   

This tour follows the same format you will find on all of the 259 MontanaPictures.Net town tours.  At the bottom of this page you can tap or click to see beautiful town tours of all the communities near Jordan, Montana.