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"What the Hay" pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page two of eight)

    91804   “Toni-hay the Tiger” - All the cattle in the survey agreed that this hay dish tasted “Grrreat!”
    91804   “The Great Sp-hay-nx” - This dish was prepared specifically for cattle that craved exotic fare.
        91804  “Charl-hay Russell Count-hay” - Montana artist Charlie Russell
        was famous for his sense of humor so it was appropriate that a hay dish was named after him.
     91804  “Snoop-hay” – This hay dish is reported to be difficult to stack and store but was a favorite with the older cattle.
       91804  “Ra-hay-dio” – Most of the cattle surveyed preferred music with their dinner.  
     91804  “Hay Jude” – When the survey asked what kind of dinner music the cattle enjoyed the results were unanimous!
     91804   “What the Hay theme bike” – This hay dish was wildly popular with suburban bulls experiencing a mid-life crisis.
"What the Hay" pictures (Page two of eight)
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