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There are only two locations in the United States you can hear “Ringing Rocks.” One is in the Boulder Batholiths, buy 18 miles east of Butte, viagra Montana (pictured) and the other is in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Want to learn more about the “Ringing Rocks” east of Butte, Montana? Go to the fascinating Montana website www.formontana.net



A wooded "Fork in the Road" out side Stockett, Montana

Bounce down a gravel road near Stockett, Montana (east of Great Falls) and you will find this wonderful wooden “Fork in the Road.”   Here are just a few unxepected and quirky items we have stumbled across over the past fifteen years.  Most are one of a kind items that someone made with a care and sense of humor. Below is a gallery of items found across the state Montana that you won’t find in a suburban Shopping Mall.

Gravel Road Tally – “Thank goodness for baling wire”

We always smile when we receive requests for “free” pictures from the MontanaPictures.Net website.  Below is a list of vehicle repairs that was required to keep mobile and continue criss-crossing the state of Montana in search of pictures of “home.”

DATE: 41903

ITEM LOST: Windshield

LOCATION: St Mary (Glacier)

DATE: 32804

ITEM LOST: Flat Tire

LOCATION: Wise River, MT

DATE: 112504

ITEM LOST: Windshield

LOCATION: Gardiner, MT

Date: 42405

ITEM LOST: Headlight

LOCATION: Sweet Grass Hills

Date: 42905

ITEM LOST: Flat Tire

LOCATION: St.Ignatius, MT

DATE: 62505

ITEM LOST: “Starter”


DATE: 62306

ITEM LOST: Headlight

LOCATION: Brockway, MT

DATE: 121806

ITEM LOST: New Tire Chains

LOCATION: Anaocnda, MT

DATE: 62407

ITEM LOST: Door Latch

LOCATION: White Sulphur Springs, MT

DATE: 71408

ITEM LOST: Fender “Dinged” by falling Metal


DATE: 122908

ITEM LOST: Passenger door handle breaks in the cold


DATE: 62009

ITEM LOST: Windshield


DATE: 11510

ITEM LOST: Driver door handle breaks in the cold

LOCATION: Great Falls, MT

DATE: 11110

ITEM LOST: Fan Belt Snaps

LOCATION: Livingston, MT

DATE: 61711

ITEM LOST: Right Front Fender


DATE: 30714

ITEM LOST: Nissan Truck Retired


Boots were made for walking. They also make pretty good position locators. If you are LOST in Montana just look for a boot. Boots can tell you what part of Montana you are in.  Don’t believe us?  Just watch the video below.