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Chester, Montana pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page one of nine)

Picture of Lake Elwell a.k.a. The Tiber Reservoir south of Chester Montana.
     42405  Wake up!  The sun is up and we've got pictures to shoot.  Someone in Los Angeles wants to see pictures of their hometown and the Sweet Grass Hills.
     Join us as we drive north from the Tiber Reservoir (pictured above) to the town of Chester, Montana then continue north to the Sweet Grass Hills.   
      42405  Nineteen miles south of Chester, Montana is the Marias River country.  There is the spillway on the Tiber Dam to the far right.
      The Tiber Reservoir (Lake Elwell) is a popular fishing destination for warm water fish.
      (Please scroll to the right to see the entire view.)

      Traveling to the reservoir and Chester, you would swear there wasn't a drop of water anywhere.
      Actually, Liberty county has hundreds of glacier "potholes" hidden through out the county.
      It's almost seven, they are still serving coffee and breakfast at Spud's cafe in Chester. Let's go eat.

    County road 233 to Chester, Montana - Can you see East Butte on the horizon?

The Chester area had "Hot-mail" years ago.

    Wait until you see what's up there...  Click here to climb the East Butte.

(Click on any of the pictures to see a larger image.)

          Picture of a Chester Montana High School mascot.  
       42405  Jump out of the truck and we'll walk a northeast direction through town.
       Keep your "eyes peeled" for coyotes.
Chester, Montana  (Page one of nine)
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81709 Update - Drive the "Hi-Line" from East Glacier to Westby, Montana
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