Part Of Sula Montana

Lost Trail Pass

Welcome to the Sula Montana Picture Tour

Most visitors see the Sula Country Store and Campground, the Ross Hole Historical Markers and Highway 93 and assume they have seen the entire town.  If you turn east and follow State Route 472 you will see the rest of the community. This area seems a little sleepy today but to help understand the significance of this area we posted a picture of the twelve feet high by twenty-five feet wide painting in the Montana House of Representatives Building that dramatically explains why this location is so important. The oil painting by Montana artist, Charles M. Russell is called: “Lewis and Clark Meeting Indians at Ross’ Hole.”  The painting depicts the September 1805 encounter between Thomas Jefferson’s Corps of Discovery and the Salish Indians in the Sula Basin. The Corps of Discovery had just finished crossing the rugged divide near what is now Lost Trail Pass.

Ross Hole

Hudson Bay Company trader Alexander Ross, spent a desperate month near here beginning on March 12, 1824. His band of 144 people and nearly 400 horses were forced to wait for the snows recede before they could continue their journey east into the Big Hole Valley and beyond. The place name Ross’s Hole refers to Alexander Ross. The word “Hole” was a trader and trapper term for mountain valley.

Decision Time

At Sula, Montana you have three choices to make. Ride east by following State Route 472 to the community of Sula, Montana. It’s there you will find the modern Sula Post Office and the recently restored Sula Church that dates back to 1915. Or you can continue south on Highway 93 to ride up and over Gibbons Pass. Or continue riding farther south on Highway 93 to the Highway 43 turnoff and the Big Hole Battlefield Highway.  This is Southwest Montana during the month of June, so no matter what decision you make, you will see beautiful country. Enjoy the ride!