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The road to Silver Gate & Cooke City, Montana on MontanaPictures.Net (Page one of eleven)

Picture of Yellowstone Buffalo

      40308 There is nothing better than a visit to Yellowstone in the winter.

      To reach Cooke City, Montana in the winter you have to take the 52-mile "North Road" from Gardiner, Montana to Cooke City.

      It should take you a minimum of two hours to cover the distance.  You'll want to stop often and get out to look and listen at the wildlife.

Picture of a bison walking in the North road in Yellowstone Park.

      40308 In the winter you share the road with the Park Bison.  That means you can see and HEAR these magnificent animals

      as they walk by your vehicle.   As a rule, Buffalo are incredibly polite to visitors. 

      They would never intentionally hurt your feelings.  But if you roll down your window an inch or two and listen closely

      as they pass by, you just might hear them giggle at your "funny looking" ski hat.


The road to Silver Gate & Cooke City, Montana on MontanaPictures.Net (Page one of eleven)

Continue driving slowly towards to Silver Gate, Montana


Go ahead and explore Gardiner, Montana - we'll wait for you


Ride the "Beartooth Highway" to Cooke City, Montana during the month of June

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