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Shelby, Montana is part of the "The Hi-Line Carpool Tour" on (Page one of ten)

Picture of the town of Shelby Montana.
    73108 We really like the view of Shelby, Montana from the north side.  (Please give your computer a minute to catch it's breath from the climb up the hill.)
      (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)
      Up here you can see... The Marias Fairgrounds to the east      The Marias Medical Center      The Shelby Civic Center                                          The New Life Community Church           The Marias Heritage Assisted Living Center      The Second Ave. bridge over the Shelby "Railroad Yard"     Albertsons    The old Shelby H.S.    The "Dash-Inn"                The Seventh Day Adventist Church       The Crossroads Correctional Center              The Flag Memorial Park                  Interstate 15                 The Interstate 15 Bridge
    Click here to see the view from the Flag Memorial Park.
    (Be sure to enlarge the 8" x 34" panorama.  Can you see the Sweet Grass Hills?)
     This is a preview of the MontanaPictures.Net "Hi-Line Carpool Tour" we are working on for 2009.
     We are so excited about all the great things going on in Shelby we couldn't wait a year to post a tour.
     Shelby blends the best of Montana - they preserve the old and use innovative planning to build the future.
Shelby, Montana (Page one of ten)
Take a look at the historical marker east of Shelby, MT to see an example of "Preserving the Past."
81709 Update - Drive the "Hi-Line" from East Glacier to Westby, Montana
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