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Slow Down! This Is Savage, Montana

Main Street

Savage High School

Cottonwood Trees on Main Street

Welcome to the Savage, Montana Picture Tour

Riding parallel to the Yellowstone River on State Highway 16 we were fortunate to see the five exit signs for Savage, Montana. We first learned about Savage, Montana at the Richland County Fair in 2006. The colorful crafts entry from Savage, Montana won first prize at the fair. We always wanted to see the town that created that memorable display.

The triangle shaped blocks along Mesa Avenue give the town an “open feeling” you don’t see in many Montana towns. It made walking the scenic streets of Savage, Montana a pleasure.

Leaving Savage, Montana wasn’t easy. The kids were floating on old tire inner tubes down the canal to the Main Street bridge. The cool shade of the Cottonwood trees felt more inviting than the 460 mile drive from Savage back to our office in Helena, Montana.  The sun was going down and we had to be at work in the morning. We took one last look around then pointed the truck west, for the dash home.  You can bet we will be back.