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Rosebud Battlefield, Montana pictures on MontanaPictures.Net  (Page one of two)

Picture of the Rosebud Battlefield State Park.
      61504  Normally, we don't post pictures shot on a cloudy day - the light is too somber.
      The dark sky seemed appropriate as we paid a  visit to the Rosebud battlefield of June 17, 1876.
Picture of a Rosebud Battlefield monument.  
      61504  Please click on the photo above to see a close up of the marker.
      Approximately 1,000 Sioux and Cheyenne warriors on horseback came down the hills from the north. (Behind the marker)
      260 Crow and Shoshone scouts mounted their horses and rode up the hill to blunt the force of the attack.
      This maneuver gave General Crook time to organize his men and take command of the high ground on both sides of the valley.
      The battle lasted over six hours.
    61504  Please click on the photos above to see a close up of the markers.  
Rosebud Battlefield, Montana  (Page one of two)

   Let's continue south towards Sheridan, Wyoming to see the Fetterman battlefield


Rosebud Battlefield history


Read about the Rosebud Battlefield State Park Protection Plan

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