Brown's Lake

Brown's Lake - January

The "Knobs"

View West From The Overlook

View Of The Swan Mountains From Town

Ovando Grade School

Brand Bar Museum

Sheep Wagon In Ovando

Blackfoot Community Bible Church

The Stray Bullet Cafe

Blackfoot Commercial Company

Welcome to the Ovando, Montana Picture Tour

If you are looking for a memorable summer weekend, you can’t beat the Ovando, Montana area.  Pitch your tent on the west side of the “peninsula” on Browns Lake and watch an incredible sunset on Saturday.  During the night you can listen to the singing waterfowl.  Next morning, you can admire the view of the southern entry to the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex & Scapegoat Wilderness Area.

Once you break camp, ride west ten miles to Ovando, Montana.  Across the street from the “Blackfoot Commercial Company” is the “Stray Bullet Cafe.”  You don’t have to rush from Brown’s Lake to Ovando to catch breakfast.  The “Stray Bullet Cafe” serves a great breakfast all day long.  Go inside to soak up the atmosphere of the log cabin interior then soak up the sun while you eat breakfast on the front porch.

After breakfast, burn off that omelet by taking a walking tour of all the unique street signs in Ovando, Montana.  If the door to “The Brand Bar Museum” is locked during the day, just go to the “Blackfoot Commercial Company” to have someone let you in the museum.  It’s a great place to learn more about Ovando, Montana.

Can you see the bullets lodged in the “Witness Tree?” (video below)

The town of Ovando, Montana shows it’s pride but posting custom made street signs throughout this little towns of eighty-two inhabitants.  The combination of beautiful sunlight and the surrounding mountains (Swan Mountains to the north and Garnet Mountains to the south) make this a memorable walk.

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