Noxon Dam on the Clark Fork River

Bridge off Highway 200

View from Pilgrim Creek Park

Noxon High School

View from Bicentennial Park

Toby's Tavern in Noxon, Montana

Welcome to the Noxon, Montana Picture Tour

It’s always a thrill when we cross the Montana-Idaho state line into the NW corner of Montana.  Take a minute to celebrate and take a “mini-vacation” in Noxon, Montana. You can sit on the banks of the Clark Fork River in Pilgrim Creek Park or watch the town activity from Bicentennial Park.  If you are wondering where the old brick buildings and pioneer cabins are located you will be surprised to learn that most of the town of Noxon didn’t exist prior to the completion of the Noxon Hydroelectric Dam in 1959.  You can read more about the Noxon dam in the picture gallery below.

Speaking of reading, a book published in 1934, called: “Blue Gold: A Romance of the Rockies”  recently became available again. The book gives a fairly accurate description of Noxon and its residents in the 1930’. You learn what life was like for a recent University of Montana graduate in a small, remote, one-street mountain town where she was hired for her first teaching job.  When the fictional book first came out it created a uproar with Noxon residents because they were cast in less than favorable light as they struggled through the Great Depression.  The name “Blue Gold” came from the local nickname for wild huckleberries. The blue fruit is a very valuable commodity in the 1930’s and today.

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