Highway 89 View

Neithart Senior Center

Bob's Bar Restaurant & Motel

Welcome to the Neihart, Montana Winter Picture Tour

Winter is a wonderful time to ride south on Highway 89 to visit Armington Junction, the Sluice Boxes State Park, Showdown Ski Area, Neihart and Monarch, Montana.

Eleven miles south of Monarch is the old silver mining town of Neihart, Montana. As we ride the winding Highway 89, you can see some of the remains of ninety-eight recent and ancient underground mines. The narrow canyon along Belt Creek means there is a scarcity of flat land to build on. The cabins and homes in Neihart are aligned in a “single-file” row along both sides of Highway 89.

Here are just a few of our favorite buildings in Neihart, Montana.  Neihart is located in the middle of great places to explore in the Little Belt Mountains.  We are just seven miles from the Showdown Ski Area and not too far from perfect.