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St Mathias Church

East Of Moore, Montana

December View From Moore, Montana

Welcome to the Moore, Montana Picture Tour

It’s worth the short 16 mile drive east of Lewistown just to see the Moore, Montana landmarks in and enjoy a Huckleberry Milkshake at the Big Sky Grocery located at 64682 US Hwy 87.  The store is easy to find, just look for the gigantic plastic lawn chairs out front.  Once lunch is over, take a walk around Moore, Montana.  Your eye will be immediately caught by the  St. Mathias church in Moore, Montana. The Catholic church was named after Bishop Mathias Lenihan, who dedicated the building, in 1908. Did you notice the church windows are the same “Italianate style” found in buildings around Philbrook, Montana.  Across from the church is a unique antique yellow Horse Water Trough. (See image below in the picture gallery.) We found Water Troughs in Miles City, Deer Lodge and Fallon, Montana but no of them compare to the Horse Water Trough in Moore.

Like all the towns in the Judith Valley, Moore, Montana started as a railroad town.  Some Montana towns faded away as the railroad changed over time.  Moore and Moccasin, Montana were granted a new lease on life when the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) decided to continue using the two towns as sites for large grain terminals.