Crown Butte

January East Of Augusta

Square Butte

Bynum Reservoir

Willow Creek Reservoir

Augusta Cemetery

West Of Choteau

Bellevue School House

Please Drive Slow

Two Medicine River

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Front Pictures west of Augusta, Montana Tour

The Rocky Mountain Front outside of August, Montana is spectacular to behold. No question about that but there are another fascinating features that are hidden at the foot of the mountains.  There are patches of land west of Choteau, Montana where farmers could not plow because the ground was compacted by over 10,000 years of foot, horse travois and wagon travel. What the framers ran into was the Old North Trail, North America’s oldest roadway that runs along the Rocky Mountain Front from northern Alberta to Mexico.

On other sections of the Old North Trail you find either ancient stone cairn markers still stand pointing the winding way through the foothills or actual trail made from the travois digging into the earth.  Since the early people didn’t just pass through the area quickly there are sites of tipi ring camps numbering in the hundreds of lodges, eagle catching pits, vision quest sites, and numerous buffalo jumps to see.

Walking anywhere along the Old North Trail you get a since of connection and continuity to the land that is hard to duplicate anywhere else.  If history is your passion, or even just mild interest, be sure to stop in at the Old Trail Museum in Choteau, Montana and the Wagon West Cafe in Augusta, Montana to learn more about this incredible landscape.