Rock Creek in SW Montana

Rock Creek, located east of Missoula, is forty-one miles long. There are just too many sights and sounds to squeeze into a four minute video. So let’s compromise…

Missouri River

See the Missouri River landmarks from the Holter Dam to Cascade, Montana.

Smith River

See the panoramic views as you ride east from Cascade, Montana to the world famous fly fishing destination, the Eden Bridge on the Smith River.

Blackfoot River

We lost count how many evenings we caught more flying bats in our back cast while fly fishing than trout.  The Blackfoot River has always been a difficult place to fly fish but as you look around at the surrounding scenery you forget about your frustration with not catching trout and focus instead on the picture perfect location in the mountains Western Montana.

Beaverhead River

The famous southwest stream with the riverbank choked with brush and an occasional Rattlesnake.

Big Hole River

See the Big Hole River in Southwest Montana.
The tour starts on Big Hole Pass near Jackson, Montana and ends in the Jefferson valley Near Twin Bridges.

Can't find your favorite Montana stream?