Cub's Den Off Highway 89

Missoula Avenue

Hughsville Road East Of Monarch

Little Belt Mountains

Welcome to the Monarch, Montana Winter Picture Tour

The township of Monarch, Montana is located 45 miles southeast of Great Falls, Montana on US Highway 89, which is part of a 71 mile stretch of the Kings Hill National Scenic Byway through the Little Belt Mountains. The area full of 450 miles of county and Forest Service recreational roads and trails to explore.  A visit to Monarch is made even better thanks to the surrounding Limestone cliffs.

Watching the sunlight reflect off a towering Limestone cliff can be an unforgettable experience.  One of the BEST Montana towns to see an incredible “light show” is Monarch, Montana during the winter months.

Can’t make it to Monarch? Here are some other Montana locations that also put on a nice Limestone Cliff “light show.”The The Taylor Fork area on the Gallatin River in February.   The Billings “Rims” on the Yellowstone River in May.  The Limestone cliffs along Big Sheep Creek near Lima, Montana.   The Smith River Country.  Don’t forget the Musselshell River cliffs near Roundup, Montana – the cliffs are not tall but they are pretty.