Higgins & Main Street

Broadway & Higgins

Welcome to the Missoula, Downtown Picture Tour.

The view of Broadway Avenue and Higgins Avenue in downtown Missoula, Montana.  Below is a view of Beal Reed Park on the Clark Fork River east of Higgins Avenue.

The view as you walk on the Higgins Avenue bridge. Can you see the Missoula Carousel and Caras Park. (The tents – left) There’s the Wilma Theater, a Missoula landmark since 1921.  Speaking of landmarks, we’ll walk north towards the six story white and tan “Art Moderne” building, known as the “Florence Hotel.”

There’s the “Florence Hotel” on the left.  The “Macy’s” (closed) was once known as the old Missoula Mercantile.  Because the Missoula Mercantile was such an well known Missoula Land mark we decided to keep the image in the Missoula, Montana Picture Tour.

For an explosion of color and variety, continue up Higgins Avenue to the old Great Northern Train depot and visit the Saturday “Farmers Market.”


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