Medicine Rocks State Park – Ekalaka, Montana

Medicine Rocks

Medicine Rocks Entrance

Welcome to the Medicine Rocks State Park – Ekalaka, Montana Picture Tour.

If you own a 15,000 acre ranch in Eastern Montana you can skip this tour. On your huge expanse of land there is a good chance there are arrowheads, tepee rings or cliff paintings (pictographs) on your property. For the rest of us, the next best thing to owning thousands of acres of land is the incredible Medicine Rocks State Park located north of Ekalaka, Montana in Southeast Montana.

Because this Montana location has so much to see, we will post this quick overview of Medicine Rocks State Park and then provide a webpage called the Medicine Rocks State Park Picture Tour that is full of all the majestic views and fascinating ancient history that can be found on this jewel on the Eastern Montana.

Because we felt there is a danger of losing something historically significant, we made a point to photograph as many of the Medicine Rocks State Park formations and inscription as possible.