View From Highway 279

Black Powder House -1883

Marysville, Montana

Grand Street In Marysville

Marysville House

Welcome to the Marysville, Montana Picture Tour

The best part of riding to Marysville, Montana is the views along the way.  Marysville, Montana is located eighteen miles northwest of Helena, Montana.  Be sure to drive slow or you might miss something.

If you continue up the Marysville Road past Marysville, you’ll enter the Great Divide Ski Area.  The family friendly ski area is a great place for the kids to learn how to ski & snowboard.  Today, we’ll tie up the horses and take a walk around Marysville, Montana.  We’ll begin walking up Main Street and roll down Grand Street. Don’t worry, If you get lost just wave your arms and we’ll see you.

Ride From Helena To Marysville, Montana

The Northern Pacific railroad abandoned the train line to Marysville in 1925.  If you listen closely, you can almost hear the old Steam Locomotive pull into town.  In the 21st Century, most people run,* ride or drive the eighteen miles from Helena to Marysville.  The video above shows you the “sights” on the ride from Helena to Marysville, Montana.

* Did you say Run?  Marysville, Montana was once the starting point for the 26.2 mile Montana Governor’s Cup Marathon.


Marysville, Montana Street Signs

Someone in Marysville made this tiny Montana community an even better place to live. You can see their work on every street corner in Marysville, Montana. (Above)  By the way, you can also see unique street signs in Ovando, Montana.

Marysville Cemetery

In the Spring of 2007, we received a request to check on a relatives grave up at the Marysville cemetery. We waited for the dirt roads to dry then proceeded up Long Gulch road to the Marysville cemetery. Luckily, when we reached the Carlson grave site the skies opened up for just a couple minutes. If you look close on the western horizon on you can see the  Great Divide Ski Area.