Makoshika State Park

Glendive In The Distance


Makoshika State Park Entrance

The View South

Look Down

Interpretive Signs

Second Level Of Signs

The View Northwest

Can You See The Signs From Below?

Can You See The Signs In The Distance?

Looking SE From The Trail

Welcome to the Makoshika State Park Picture Tour

According to the park signs, the word “Makoshika” means “bad earth” in the Sioux language.  We were wondering if there is a word in the Sioux language that means “your eyes will dance.”  Makoshika State Park is really a treat for the eyes.  The picture below will make your eyes do the “Two-Step.”  Here is a typical Makoshika State Park view in June. Quick, can you find the hiker in the picture below?

Fastest way to see Makoshika State Park

The fastest way to immerse yourself in Montana largest State Park is to hike the 0.5 mile “loop” called the “Cap Rock Trail.”  At the trail head you will find five interpretive signs that helps explains the landscape around you.   The first interpretive sign is a map of the “Cap Rock Trail” (see picture below).  The second sign points out that the “Cap Rock” formations are only 80 million years old.  Another sign said Geologist identify the area as, “Lower Fort Union” formations (see picture below).

Pick your hiking time carefully

We feel strongly that Montana looks it’s very best during the month of June.  By mid-July, the lush green hills turn a golden brown in the Summer heat.  Mid-July is also the time of year the crystal clear Montana sky can turn hazy from smoke coming from as far away as California or Canada.  Finally, before you proceed with your hike in Makoshika State Park make sure you check the weather forecast. If it’s raining, the fine sediment on the trails turns into an ultra-slippery mud making the hiking surface extremely slick and damage to both you and the trail will occur.