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Exploring the Highway 12 corridor to Lolo Pass on MontanaPictures.Net  (Page one of seven)

Picture of a Bitterroot River bridge in Montana.
       60207 The Florence bridge on the Bitterroot River.           Click here for the view (south) upstream.
       Over the years MontanaPictures.Net has received many requests for landmarks in the Lolo Pass area.
      Join us as we follow Highway 12 up to Lolo Pass. Plus, we'll make a "quick hop" into Idaho to see the Lochsa Lodge.
      (Please scroll to the right to see the view)  
Picture of the Florence Bridge over the Bitterroot River.
     71407 The Florence Bridge was and still is, a great place to be a "juvenile delinquent" for a couple hours.             Be sure to an enlarge the river panorama.
       You just had to make sure you got home in plenty of time to clean your room.
      The Bitterroot fishing water still looks pretty good.  Click here for a "wallet size" picture of the Florence Bridge fishing access.
      (MontanaPictures.Net always includes a "wallet size" picture of the Montana trout fishing locations we visit.)
Exploring the Highway 12 corridor to Lolo Pass  (Page one of seven)

Everyone out of the water!  We're riding west up Highway 12


Did you forget something? Don't worry Missoula is just north of here

Ride south to Stevensville, Montana
Got a special Montana location you're longing to see? 

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