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Lewistown, Montana pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page thirteen of fourteen)

    Mid-town: Spring Creek flows under this foot bridge          
    directly behind St. Leo's Catholic Church on Second Avenue.  
    The creek continues on to the "Mackey Building" on West Main Street.  
    Click here to read the Montana Historical Society sign on the Mackey Building a.k.a. "Montana Tavern."  
     Edge of town: The World famous Spring Creek merges with the creek here at the edge of town.   
     "The Yogo Inn" and the Lewistown Veterans memorial are behind us.    
     The grasshoppers and trout were jumping everywhere!  
    Near Garfield school.  
      Just out of town:  The Carroll Trail fishing access.  
      It was a little difficult to photograph this stretch of Spring Creek.  I kept getting "drool" on the camera.  
      The quality fishing water flowing through the heart of Lewistown is spectacular!  
        92504 The Carroll Trail fishing access north side of the bridge.  
        That's the South Moccasin mountains to the northwest.  (left of picture)  
        (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)  
Lewistown, Montana (Page thirteen of fourteen)
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Ride east of Lewistown, Montana to Grass Range, Montana
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