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Lewistown, Montana pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page two of fourteen)

    91804 Lewistown, Montana 
    Lewistown Public Library on Main was built in 1905.
    The most recent addition built in 1990, was made possible
    by a community coupon drive.
     Go to the Lewistown Public Library website
     Learn more about the Carnegie library buildings built worldwide between the years 1886 and 1919.
     Hear a ".WAV" file of Andrew Carnegie reading a quote from the "Gospel of Wealth"
     See a map of the distribution of Carnegie libraries in the United States in 1920
    A 1990 survey conducted by George Bobinski, dean of the School of    
    Information and Library Studies at the State University of New York at   
    Buffalo, found that 909 Carnegie structures were still in use as libraries.
    Bobinski also determined that 242 of the original buildings had been  
    demolished, 403 were being used for other purposes, such as  
    museums and office buildings, and the status of the remaining     
    125 buildings was unknown. 
    Source: Preservation On Line
    How America's Carnegie Libraries Adapt to Survive
    Story by Molly Skeen / Mar. 5, 2004
   91804 Home next to the  library.
Lewistown, Montana (Page two of fourteen)
Continue walking down West Main street of Lewistown
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