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Welcome to the Joplin, Montana Picture Tour

We we’re able to ride from Devon, Montana to Whitlash, Montana in the Sweet Grass Hills.  From Whitlash, we’ll bounced along the “Black Jack Road” to shoot pictures of the “Bears Den.” Next, made a dash to catch the final hours of the Joplin, Montana “Centennial Celebration.” Unfortunately, the sun faded on the Saturday afternoon event and the video will have to do until we return for Joplin footage filled with sunshine.

Ride North To The Sweet Grass Hills

The Wrong Bear's Den

Bears Den Road

Ride North to Bears Den Rocks

We are fascinated with the Sweet Grass Hills.  We will post a beautiful tour of the June hike up East Butte in the future.  For now here are a couple views of riding north to Bears Den Road. You can continue riding around East Butte on Black Jack Road to visit the tiny community of Whitlash, Montana.  That is another tour, sorry for the delay.

Joplin “Centennial Celebration”

Wouldn’t you know it, the clouds moved in and blocked the sunlight during the Joplin, Montana “Centennial Celebration” (June, 2009).  We’ll post the video in the hopes someone homesick for Joplin might enjoy seeing all the activity in town.