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Jackson Montana

North Side Of Jackson

Big Hole Pass South Of Jackson

Grasshopper Valley

Grasshopper Creek

Hirschy Ranch North of Jackson

Welcome to the Jackson Montana Picture Tour

After bouncing around southwest Montana it’s time to take a well deserved break in Jackson, Montana. Jackson is home to the Jackson Hot Springs Lodge.    The hot spring became the center activity for Big Hole Valley locals and outdoor enthusiasts in the early 1950’s when Wyoming Rancher John Dooling purchased the property and constructed a new hot springs pool and rustic log inn.  If you are fan of hot springs check out Jeff Birkby’s bookTouring Hot Springs Montana and Wyoming: A Guide to the States’ Best Hot Springs.

Got a hat?

There is no getting around the fact that you need a hat to shield you from the intense Montana sun. While in Jackson, visit the Buffalo Gal Hat Shop.  They did a beautiful renovating a Jackson landmark that had fallen into disrepair and transformed the aging church building into a major hat manufacturer in Montana.

Lewis & Clark Expedition

On July 7, 1806, a portion of the Lewis & Clark Expedition passed through here (picture below) on their return trip back from the Pacific Coast.  Earlier, Lewis & Clark had separated in the Bitterroot Valley. Captain Lewis headed northeast towards the Great Falls of the Missouri, while Clark went southeast to explore the Yellowstone Valley.

Polaris Montana

Located on the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway Polaris, Montana is twenty five miles due east of Jackson, Montana.  The unincorporated community features a magnificent two story log cabin that is still in use.