Mining made Butte, Montana. Now you can see exhibits of the equipment and faces of the brave hard rock miners who worked and died in the mines at the World Museum of Mining.

Wait until you look at the picture of a somber eighteen-year-old miner from 1919, photographed while working deep underground.  The museum does an outstanding job of showing the technical and human demands that was required to work the mines.  On this tour we focused on the dozens of exhibits in the open air.  There is so much more to see underground and in comfortable buildings.  Make it a point to visit the Museum.  Our personal favorite was the “Underground Exhibit.”  While exploring the world-class exhibit, the thought kept returning: “My God, is this what my Walkerville Grandfather and other miners had to do six days a week?”  See the museum for yourself and see if it doesn’t give you a deeper appreciation for being alive in the 21st century.