Badger Creek Road

Badger Creek

Welcome to the Heart Butte, Montana Town Picture Tour

The original 1855 Blackfeet Indian Reservation encompassed most of the northern half of the state of Montana including part of the yet to be established Glacier National Park. The present reservation spans 1.5 million acres, the Blackfeet reservation is one of the largest in the United States.


For almost Seventy years visitors learned a little bit about the Rocky Mountain Front by stopping at the Historical Markers from Augusta to Browning along Montana State Route 89/287.

Recently, the Blackfoot Nation recently made the drive along the Rocky Mountain Front even better. Turn left on to “Badger Creek Road” to see the ten new fantastic Historical Markers. Your eyes are beginning to glaze over… But wait!  The road to Heart Butte offers some unforgettable history and incredible views of the “Front.”

The “Old Agency Site” Historical Marker on Highway 89 told us the “1879 Agency” was located nearby on Badger Creek. The new Historical Markers are located next to the site of the “1879 Agency.” You no longer have to “guess” where the historical event took place.