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Havre, Montana on MontanaPictures.Net (Page one of six)

Picture of Beaver Creek Park south of Havre.
      102404 Beaver Creek Park south of Havre, Montana
     Ten miles south of Havre is Beaver Creek Park, the largest county park in the U.S. The park has fishing, camping, hiking, picnicking, and cross-country skiing. Bear Paw Ski Bowl is just outside the park. 
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Picture of the officer quarters at Fort Assinniboine.
      102404 Fort Assinniboine - Located six miles south west of Havre on Highway 87.  
      Fort Assinniboine was one of the largest frontier Military Posts ever constructed in the United States.
      Established in 1879, the post had 104 buildings and was contained within a 40 mile long by 15 mile wide military reservation.
      Considered the most strategic post in the Northwest,  the primary mission of the Fort's garrison was to prevent attacks from some
      5,000 Lakota Sioux led by Sitting Bull and other chiefs who had fled to the safety of Canada after the "Battle of the Little Big Horn".
       102404 Fort Assinniboine - Click on the photo above to read the history.  
       The most famous soldier to serve at the Fort was General John J. Pershing, who was assigned to the post in 1896.
       As a First Lieutenant, he commanded H Troop, the Black "Buffalo Soldiers" of the 10th Cavalry.
       102404 Fort Assinniboine barracks.         
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Havre, Montana  (Page one of six)
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