North 1st Street (Highway 93) and Adirondac Ave.

Main Street (Highway 531)

Washington Elementary

2nd and State Street

South 2nd Street

Rocky Mountain Laboratories

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital

Westview Center

Bitterroot River

Blodgett Canyon

Tucker Crossing Fishing Access

Welcome to the Hamilton, Montana Picture Tour

Join us a picture tour of Hamilton, Montana. You will need two days to tour the town, see the views from Blodgett Canyon and step back in time at the magnificent Marcus Daly Mansion.

As you walk or ride a bicycle around town you will quickly see why Hamilton’s downtown Commercial District is on the National Register of Historic Places.  If you get a chance, be sure to print the Bitterroot Valley Historical Society “Walking Tour of Hamilton, Montana” to really appreciate the views you will see on a beautiful sunny day.

Downtown Hamilton has many buildings with a rich architectural heritage. The buildings date from the 1890’s to the present and coincide with the economic booms of the city. They include 1890-1894 “boomtown” wooden structures with false fronts, early commercial brick structures from the Marcus Daly era of 1895-1905, the “Big Ditch” and “Apple” booms from 1907- 1917, the establishment of the Rocky Mountain Laboratory which generated the Art Deco and Moderne structures of the 1930’s to the 50’s.*

Marcus Daly Mansion